How To Deep Clean Your Bedroom

Cleaning your bedroom can be quite hectic because lets face it, bedrooms tend to accumulate lots of non-useful stuff thus making it cluttered. Your bedroom should be one of the most relaxing rooms in the house, and there’s nothing relaxing if the room is cluttered and disorganized. So, how do you deep clean your bedroom.

1 Clean /vacuum the floors

  • Sweep anything that needs to be swept on the floors and trash it in the dustbin.
  • Vacuum the rugs using a Bissell Crosswave vacuum. If you have a carpet, use a bit of baking powder, let it sit for a few minutes and then vacuum clean it twice, once in each direction to clean it properly.

2 Start your laundry

  • Take everything off your bed minus the mattress and load them into the laundry machine. Start your laundry so that it can run as you clean the rest of the bedroom. Wash your bed linens the normal way then wash your pillows and your comforters.
  • If you decide to clean your blankets, do so in cool water and dry them in the dryer. Make sure you set the temperature to low and remember to add a tennis ball to the dryer to plump up the down when it tumbles. Make sure to stop the cycle every 20 to 30 minutes so that you can manually break up the clumps until the blankets are completely dry.

3 Clean the windows and the walls

  • Dust also forms on the walls, fan blades, windows sills as well as tables and dressers. To clean dust on the walls, use a clean cotton mop to reach the dusty walls and the corners. You can also use a vacuum cleaner extension to suck up cobwebs that are too high to reach
  • Get a Shark or Dyson vacuum to help you clean your air conditioning and heating vents to remove the dust that might have accumulated there.
  • Clean your ceiling fan surfaces with a damp, wet cloth.
  • Wipe the window sills with soap water using a microfiber cloth and use a glass cleaner to polish your windows.

How to clean your bathroom

  • Dust your overhead light fixture and if it has removable globes, remove them and wash them in a sink. Dry them properly before replacing them.
  • Clean the doorknobs and light switches with a cloth and your preferred disinfectant.
  • Clean the storage and any other surfaces
  • Dust all the surfaces in the room, door frames, furniture, lamps, and frames
  • When cleaning make sure you start with the highest surfaces and work on your way down such that you don’t spread dust to areas you have already cleaned.
  • Vacuum the folds of your bare mattress using your vacuum cleaner’s crevice tool. Flip over the mattress when you are done so that the mattress can wear out evenly; try rotating the head to foot also.
  • Remove the curtains for cleaning or dust them using a vacuum cleaner
  • Empty your closet and vacuum the closet well. Use the crevice too to reach all the areas of your closet and then wipe the closet with a damp cloth.
  • Wipe the inside and the outside of the drawers and return the clothes to their places.

4 Open the windows

  • Open the windows for some minutes to let in some fresh air
  • Replace the mats, make the bed and finish any other activity you had in the bedroom

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